Day 2 of IDA, June 6th: Waterfalls and Pigs


Image     On our second day at IDA, Lucky and I thought it might be nice to see this super awesome waterfall we’ve been hearing everybody talk about, so we took the main trail as far up as it would go until it ended in the dry creek bed and we realized we’d have to hike the whole way up along the creek.  It took us a good half hour from where the trail ended and it was worth every wobbly murder-rock on the way.  Fucking beautiful.  We bathed naked under the freezing cold water and waded in the pool below.  There were people trekking up to the lower cliff for mud baths and right as we walked up, somebody had begun playing music.  The whole experience gave us a good rush.  We decided it’d be a great place to trip.
     After the waterfall, our friends from the night before, V and Frog, took us into Watertown for beer and such.  On the way back, V got pulled over by a drug pig – we know that’s what he was because he drove an undercover vehicle and, though he initially stopped us for speeding, he was more interested in whether everyone was of an age to drink alcohol, had clean records and literally asked if we had marijuana in the car with us.  Like, for real dude?  How fucking mad would we have to be?  “Yes, officer, I’ve got an ounce under my seat.  Would you like to buy some?”  “I’ve had a warrant out for my arrest for two years and I just bought three 12-packs of PBR with a fake – I’m really only 19.”  It worked out though, V played the innocent white girl card and got out of that ticket he was thoroughly disinterested in writing her and, best of all, we got to go back to camp, drink and “smoke drugs” (as the kids say these days).