Idapalooza and other such nonsense

No grazing sign in front of the greenhouse outside of the med tent.

No grazing sign in front of the greenhouse outside of the med tent.

So, because IDA is out in the middle of nowhere hidden in a valley an hour from Nashville, there was little to no service which, among other things, made interaction with the internet world impossible and caused Lucky’s and my phones to kill themselves because the sheer effort of trying to find a signal was simply too much for them. So, instead I kept a written journal of my experiences at this magical queer gathering which I will transcribe here.

Day 1 of IDA, June 5th: Intense Intents In Tents
     The ride from FL was long and crowded but we made it. We left Gainesville in our friend Nova’s janky ass minivan in the middle of the night – there were seven of us crowded in with everyone’s camping supplies and traveling packs with an initial ETA of 10am, but we didn’t make it there until around noon central time because organizing a car full of crazy Queers is like herding cats. All the same, we were just in time for lunch and a good bit of exploration through the valley.
     After eating some badass food, Lucky and I set up our tent and began wandering around to aquaint ourselves with the whole beautiful community we found ourselves in – the extensive horticulture, med and self-help tents, the general scenery really. There is a creek which flows through the valley which Lucky and I followed as far up stream as we could manage. While there, we found a very sweet and much more agile cat who joined us on our barefoot adventure up the creek, running ahead and leaping from one bank to the next, clinging to trees and stepping gracefully around the running water, now and then stopping to wait for us to catch up.
     After the creek adventure with the cat, we made friends with another couple, a trans woman, V, and her boyfriend, Frog who offered to smoke with us and chill. we hung out with them for a few hours and helped them move their tents from the sober camp where they had set up, mistaking the sober space for an ironic joke. We finished with this task just in time for the dinner conch to blow and migrated toward the kitchen for some badass food grown right on location.
     Lucky and I turned in early for some naked cuddle time which quickly turned into sexy tent time long before the rest of the camp.  I suppose we were just impatient – had we waited an hour or two longer, we could have been having sex with everyone else in the camp.  But really, that’s no matter, even as I was writing this, somebody was fucking in the next tent over 😉
     I’m so happy to have come here.  This is my vision of the world as it ought to be – as we wish to make it.  The people here are open, helpful, hard-working, hard-loving and hard-playing.  There is a sense of authenticity in this environment.  The world outside these woods is made of plastic.

First Day of a Long Journey


Today, I started out on what is to be my first great adventure with my partner.  I plan on keeping a journal of everything that happens along the way. In general, we hope to gain a new perspective from this adventure and to make our way into the world we wish to create while still managing to get to Idapalooza, my brother’s wedding and then as far west as we can make it before the summer ends.

We were picked up from St. Agony by a friend of ours and taken to Gainesville for a quick pit stop on our way to Idapalooza in TN.  At first I was frightened that I might have to stay back and see a dentist because one of my teeth is rotting right the fuck out of my face thanks to an old root canal that never got crowned because I’m poor.  Thankfully, we managed to find and liberate some shit from a CVS along the way that can help (apparently, you can just refill cavities yourself which I did in a Walmart bathroom just a little while ago).

We’ll be leaving tonight at 2am with a couple of other awesome Queer friends and maybe I’ll have more interesting things to share.  For now, though, we’ve only taken our first step of many away from the illusions of comfort which come with dependance on money and consumer culture as a whole.