Unarmed Black Man Shot By St. Louis Cop Is Charged With Resisting Arrest


Of course. It’s not a day in America unless an unarmed Black person is shot by the cops.
I would argue, however, that American culture is both the cause and effect of implicit racial biases. The media effects the culture and the culture the media and it goes all the way back to colonialism. This argument for a solution puts the burden of change of the oppressor, which I think is flawed if only for the fact that the oppressor has no interest in change. Oppression exists to the benefit of the oppressor – to expect change from that side of the conflict is unrealistic. Change must come from the ground up and those who would oppress us must be forced to step aside or else be trampled over as they have done us so many times.

Dispatches from the Underclass

On the afternoon of Sunday, July 21, 30-year-old  Lamont Earl Dukes and his friend, both African American males, were stopped at a Walgreens pharmacy by a St. Louis police officer conducting a “pedestrian check”, a euphemism for stopping people of color in “high-crime neighborhoods” without probable cause.

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