More Queer Herbs (Masculine)


My last post covered some important things to understand about feminizing herbs to use for natural AMAB transition so in this one, I’d like to talk about masculinizing herbs. As it happens, if you type in “AFAB herbal transition” into a search engine, you will get very little of anything useful on the first page, but if you look up “herbal testosterone” or “natural testosterone,” you’ll get all kinds of hits from body-building sites and hyper-masculine macho man health freaks who would just love to tell you everything about every masculine herb ever which is great! Because it means we don’t really have to do any work – it’s the one time patriarchy ever worked in my favor (but I won’t say “thank you”).

White Button: Prevents the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, thus helping to retain testosterone. If taking precursors to hormones, this mushroom will make sure they turn into testosterone. Super fun and can be grown at home.

Phytotestosterones include puncture weed, stinging nettle and pine pollen.

Cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, cauliflower, kale, spinach, cabbage, kress, and bok choy work well as dietary supplements which stimulate testosterone production and help to flush out estrogen.

Some people suggest taking progesterone along with their testosterone supplements, but I’m not entirely sure why so I can’t say I would recommend it without understanding the reasoning behind it. What I would recommend is damiana, a smokable herb, often used as a substitute for weed that works as a mood lifter and an aphrodisiac. Since testosterone tends to make folks moody and horny, damiana might work well as a mood stabilizer.

It is also extremely important to exercise! A regular exercising/body building regimen is really important to effective masculinization because it frees up the testosterone in your body to be used. And while all exercise regimens should be balanced, upper body fitness helps a lot for passing as male.

Once again, I’m not a medical professional or an herbalist, just some kid who found some things and thought it’d be cool to share with others. If anybody has more information on the subject of herbal transition, please comment and let me know. I want only to learn and share!


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